An Open Letter To All The Entrepreneurs, Sales Reps and Agents Out There Balling, Hustling and Dreaming…
How To:
Channel Your Inner Champion
See The Exact Formula This Athlete Turned Rockstar Business Coach Uses To Launch His Private Group Of Elite Clients To New Stratospheres of Wealth, Power & Personal Happiness.
From The Super Bowl To Bankruptcy and Back To The Top as Head Of Multiple Six-Figure Businesses – A Story of Tragedy, Redemption & Unlimited Power
Dear Friend,
Did you know deep down you were born to win?
Is there a fire inside you others don’t seem to have? Can you see yourself doing way more than you’re doing now… doing really big things… things that matter?
And yet, hasn’t something always held you down…always stopped you from pushing through that final hurdle…held you back from winning big when it counts?
Maybe you even hear that strange voice? You know, the one always talking to you in the back of your mind…telling you to do more, be more, that you deserve to have more…but it never really tells you how to actually go out and get it done…
I’m with you… I know that voice well. In fact, it’s been my biggest curse (and my biggest blessing) my entire life.
Here’s what I mean: 
As a football player, I started in little league, dominated in high school, was the captain of my college team at BYU and eventually—with incredible levels of sacrifice, determination and elite performance—I realized my dream of making it to the NFL. 
Then IT happened…
In only my second year as a member of the mighty New England Patriots, I won a Super Bowl! I kept fighting for my dream and in that exact moment, reached the absolute pinnacle of sports.
For a short time, the voice was quiet and I was happy.
Then SOMETHING ELSE happened…
I got injured and lost everything…literally everything—including my Super Bowl Ring.
I remember it like it was yesterday…my wife coming to me with tears in her eyes because there was no food in the house and she couldn’t feed the kids. Right then and there, we both knew…we KNEW the ONLY thing we had worth two dimes was that ring.
So, I did it. I sold it.
I flew from my rented apartment in Utah across the country to New York City to meet the collector, bawling my eyes out the whole way. He met me in the airport, gave me a small envelope of cash and I gave him my ring.
That was it. It was gone.
The one thing I had worked my entire life for was now in the hands of someone who’d never shed an ounce of sweat for it… just so it could sit on his shelf like a trinket.
Why? Because he had money and I didn’t plain and simple. 
I know, it sounds crazy to a lot of people—maybe even to you, but every year hundreds of professional athletes live this story. You get cut, the paychecks stop, the coaching stops, the brotherhood you’ve built with your teammates stops… just that quick, you’re out.
Once you’re out, you’re out. Nobody cares how good you used to be. 
And I’ll tell you what—the voice was loud and clear that day…
You’re a failure, a loser, a father who can’t even provide for his children.
You’re a has-been, a fake.
For good long while, I believed that toxic echo.
Without out a doubt, it was the lowest day of my life… but you know what? Something funny happens when you finally bust out and hit bottom…
You find something you didn’t know you had.
I know I found something…something I never knew was out there waiting for me. Something much deeper and more powerful than anything I’d experienced playing football.
My Holy Cause. 
Yes, smack dab in the middle of all that pain, embarrassment and failure…I started hearing another voice…the voice I finally decided to listen to telling me exactly who I was and who I was destined to become.
The voice telling me I was not a loser, but in fact, I’d been put on this earth to help thousands of others rise from the ashes of their own failures and live the lives they were born to fulfill… lives of amazing power and purpose.
You see, I already knew how to win. I already knew how to sacrifice for the goal. I already knew how to perform at an elite level. Yes, I was broke. Yes, I was at the lowest I’d ever been. But none of that changed what I was capable of achieving. None of that changed who I really was and who I am.
So, I followed this new voice—the voice reassuring me no matter what had happened in the past, my future was bright; in fact, I was destined for greatness, I even had power and capacity beyond my wildest imagination…
Did it all come rushing back overnight?
Of course not.

I had to rebuild it brick by brick, one door at a time. Yep, I took a job as a door-to-door salesman. From the NFL to knocking doors… I’ll tell you my friend, that takes some certainty

as well as a stiff dose of humility.

People ask me all the time, “How did you do it? How did you stay so determined after falling so far?” My answer is always the same: “It’s simple. My holy cause was guiding and sustaining me through every step of the way.” 
You see, as a door-to-door salesman, you knock on doors… a lot of them. Every time I lifted my hand to rap another door, I saw that empty finger…the finger where my Super Bowl ring should have been. Every time I saw that empty finger, I said to myself, “Never Again.” 
Never again would I allow myself to act as anything less than a champion. Never again would I allow myself to surrender to scarcity, fear and stories.
Did it work?
Of course it did. It always works.
Over the next three years, I rebuilt my bank account, fleshed out my own team of sales reps, then added three more… soon I was sitting on top of an empire.
Then the voice spoke again…telling me it was time to fly…that I had bigger things to accomplish… I had more people to serve and help.

From that day forward, I’ve dedicated every day of my life to serving, guiding and coaching people like you

not only to rebuild their lives, but to push on and start winning again at higher levels than they’d ever dreamed possible.

Now, this crazy journey I’ve been on… from the highest peaks to the lowest valleys… it all makes sense. It was all designed to help me to find and believe in My Holy Cause



and serving others.

I didn’t make it to the NFL to win a Super Bowl just to fulfill my childhood dream of playing football. Those experiences were in fact, stepping stones to allow me to connect with people like you, so I can show you what’s possible when you put your mind to it.

I want to teach you how to have it all much quicker

and with far less stress and agony than I endured. In fact, that’s my job…to help you heed the call from that empowering voice in the back of your mind—the one acknowledging the potential of your power, certainty and greatness.

Because that’s exactly what I want for you. To live the attainment of the life of your dreams.
You see, in the past, I’ve only worked with high net worth clients. We’re talking pro athletes, actors, attorneys, doctors, high-powered realtors, C-level executives, fitness trainers and wealthy business owners.
My coaching fees range from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on what needs to be done. While that may sound like a lot of money to you, I played in the NFL where coaches get paid millions every year.
When I was in the NFL, I played for Coach Bill Belichick. Bill has won four Super Bowl Championships as the head coach of the Patriots and is viewed by many as the greatest football coach of all time.
Believe me, the team owners know those four Super Bowls are worth every dime of his multimillion dollar salary and much much more…
So, I’ve seen the extreme value of powerful coaching first hand.
Here’s where all of this gets really critical for you… 
You see, I’m not asking you to pay $100,000 or even $10,000. As I said, it’s my job to be the servant and help as many other people as I can follow the path I’ve already crossed.
I want you to be able to implement the lessons from my experiences into your life without you having to spend three years knocking doors to get there. Most importantly, I want you to be able to afford the training and to experience the transformation now. 
Here’s what I’ve got for you: 
I’m inviting you to spend four short hours with me…four hours spread out over the course of four weeks.
“Give Me Just One Hour A Week Of Your Time & See For Yourself What Will Happen When You Implement These Four Elite Performance Principles I’ll Give You.”
The best part is…
It will cost you less than $25/hour.
You read that right. Less than $25 per hour. Like I said, I’m truly doing this to help as many people as possible and this special price reflects my mission.
Plain and simple—I want to reach as many people as I can to help them avoid the pain I had to withstand.
When it’s your turn to win the Super Bowl, I want you to keep your ring.
This special one-time-only program is titled:
Channeling Your Inner Champion
From False Confidence to Unshakable Certainty
Body, Being, Balance & Business—Discover The Art & Science of Having It All
Here’s exactly what you get:
  • 4 Weekly Calls – Live With Me, Setema Gali, The Reverend Of The Revolution
  • Each call is 60 minutes in length
  • Each call is focused on a unique and new power principle
  • Each call is designed to push you to maximum performance in minimum time
  • Weekly Action Guides to go along with each call
  • Weekly Action Guides reinforce immediate implementation and big-time results
  • NFL Caliber Coaching & Accountability
  • Results Only Power Focus. No new age fluff or mush
Here’s how each weekly Power Principle breaks down:
Week 1 – The Truth Will You Set You Free
How to get to a place of radical honesty with yourself, your spouse and your business partners. Your true calling can never manifest itself if you insist upon burying it under lies, stories and avoidance. What’s the truth you’re pretending you don’t know? What’s the biggest lie you don’t want others to find out?
For me, it was selling the Super Bowl ring. I lied about it for four years. And then I stopped caring what anybody else thought about me. I got to a place of plain, but radical honesty and suddenly the entire world opened up to me.What’s waiting for you on the other side of your fears, lies and stories…
Let’s find out starting in Week One!
Week 2 – Prosperity Is A Choice
The truth is you choose to live in scarcity, just the same as top-performers and the wealthy elite choose to live in prosperity. Once you can see and tell the truth, your fears and limiting beliefs are washed away and the choice of prosperity becomes shockingly transparent. 
I couldn’t believe how fast money, opportunities and success came rushing toward me when I finally decided to throw off the self-limiting beliefs I had about wealth and success. How quickly could your next deal, partnership, or opportunity come in to your life?
Let’s find out in Week Two!
Week 3 – Certainty Killers And How To Destroy Them
There are four specific mindsets and actions that will crush your certainty, destroy your progress and cut your hope to its knees faster than you can imagine. These must be avoided at all costs and must be permanently abolished from your world view. I’ll show exactly how to do it in less time than you can believe.
Plus, you’ll learn how to combine your new found Certainty with it’s power partners: Courage, Clarity and Consistency tobuild an unstoppable advantage over competition, obstacles and self-doubt.
Let’s get you crushing those obstacles in Week Three!
Week 4 – Commitment Is The Key To Every Good Thing
I’m perhaps best known for my simple, yet profound definition of commitment.
Commitment is: 
  • Doing What’s Required
  • Doing What You Said You Would Do
  • Acting Decisively In Spite Of Thoughts, Feelings, Moods and Emotions
Are you doing that right now? Are you acting with unwavering commitment in the pursuit of your goals and dreams? If not, I’ll take you through the key mind-shift transformation that will release you from your habits, excuses and lies…and introduce you to a new way of living with integrity, power and extraordinary impact.
Let’s get you operating at full power, certainty and capacity in Week Four!
You get ALL that for less than $100?!?! 
Yes, but only if you act now. Join me by clicking the button below.
A tiny investment of less than $100 has the potential unlock a lifetime of unlimited income, prosperity and happiness. 
If all this program did was help you close one more deal this week…
If all it did was help you avoid one more fight with your spouse and replace it with one magical night of connection and honesty… 
If all it did was help you begin to love yourself again and find that place of happiness, belief, joy and innocence…
Would that be worth $100 to you? I hope so.
You have my word that all of this promise and so much more is waiting for you in each of these four power-packed weeks we’ll spend together.
I can’t wait to go through the program with you and see firsthand the unlimited transformations you’ll make as you move on from the stories of your past and into the realization of the dreams and visions of your future.
I look forward to working with you every step of the way.
See you on Call One!
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Your Friend,
Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution
P.S. – A Simple Reminder: 
Every great opportunity comes packaged with an equally terrible opportunity cost. In other words, the amazing experiences and transformations you’ll build in this program when you say “YES!” and register…

Will all be met by equally terrible challenges, relapses and defeats if you choose to say “NO” and pass up on this opportunity. That’s not a threat

it’s the universal law of nature. Nothing either one of us can do about it.

The true secret to wellness and wealth, happiness and health is to follow the voice of power and act immediately with trust instead of fear when the universe puts an opportunity in front of you.
I urge you to make the choice leading to empowerment, love and personal growth. I can’t wait to see you there.
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