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VIP 50

VIP50 is a private event available by application and invitation only. We’re limiting this event to high-producing entrepreneurs and business owners only – strictly capped at 50 people. The speakers are all elite leaders in their field. They’ll be sharing high-end systems, concepts and principles for you take home and execute immediately. Think you’re a fit? Find out more by clicking the button below.


TITAN Immersion

For male entrepreneurs, business owners and executives – TITAN IMMERSION is a completely new domain of power, leadership and legacy. Are you ready to build true wealth in every area of your life?


Shield Maiden Immersion

Live immersion training for female entrepreneurs who want to live powerfully and create results that matter in business, relationships and life. Are you ready? Watch the documentary now and apply for your spot.

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Don’t mistake Setema for a “motivational speaker.” He’s there to get the deep work done… breaking down old barriers, weak stories, and mediocre results. All with one purpose – to rocket your organization or conference into new domains of clarity, power, and production. 

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Executive Coaching

Executives often find themselves stuck without an honest feedback loop. No one inside the organization is direct enough to call them out. No one is powerful enough to hold them accountable to the highest levels of production and influence. The more successful and accomplished you are, the less likely you are to get the coaching you need. Setema is a Super Bowl Champion. He’s been coached by the greatest coaches of all time. In turn, he has coached 9 figure CEOs in the most intense environments imaginable. He is absolutely unafraid to call it like it is. He’s also 100% committed to helping you lead your organization to heights you’ve never imagined. Are you ready to build your company into a Dynasty?