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Titan Immersion

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You cannot do this alone

If you’re a man who owns a business and has a family, then we know something about you. You’re lying. You’re hiding. You’re pretending. You’re ignoring major red flags and blaring sirens that are screaming warnings at you that you’re headed for a breakdown. 

There’s one truth underlying all of this that most men simply will not confront – YOU CANNOT DO THIS ALONE.  

TITAN Immersion is a 4-Day Experiential leadership training specifically  designed for men who want to expand, optimize, and secure their business and financial empire – AND be a 5-star husband and father at the same time. You can have one or the other, but if you want to have both, you’re going to have to get brutally honest about where you are, what’s not working, and what needs to change immediately.  

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The Titan Experience

The TITAN Immersion experience is a total blackout from all outside influences, distractions, and pressures. No phones. No social media. No vices. No crutches. No hiding. No fronting or strutting. Just 4 days of getting your teeth kicked in mentally, spiritually, and emotionally until a new man rises from the ashes of your old ego-driven way of being.  

You will be thrust into a group with men you don’t know. You will be forced to lead, forced to follow. Forced to face your demons head on. There is no time to feel things out or ease your way in. The entire experience is designed from beginning to end to make you uncomfortable. 

And that’s why it works. 

That’s why it saves marriages and families. That’s why it literally saves men’s lives. And why it will create lifelong friendships and brotherhood with the men you go through this experience with. 


Time to rise

When you come, you’re in and that’s it. Once you’re in, you’re in. Decision made. Stick in it and come out the other side, or die trying. We will not let up. We will not calm down. We will not be reasonable. We will not let even the smallest detail slide because brother, you’ve been sliding along in a haze of comfort, seduction, addiction, and entitlement for way too long. 

It’s time to rise.  

The experience is physical. It’s emotional. It will rip open your defenses and expose the deepest secrets and caverns of your soul.  

Don’t apply if you’re curious. Apply if you’re 100% committed to being the man you know you should be for your wife or partner, your kids, and a business and team that are waiting for the most powerful version of you to finally step up and be the leader they’ve been waiting for all these years.  

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