The world’s greatest mastermind

Circle of Champions

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What is The Circle of Champions?

The world’s greatest mastermind for highly committed entrepreneurs and executives. That’s what we’ve created. We would never settle for anything less.  

The Focus

Circle of Champions is 100% focused on helping business owners and executives expand their power, vision, results, and influence so they can deliver ever increasing levels of value to their company, customers, and shareholders, as well as their spouses, family, community, and the world. We are multidimensional in our scope and limitless in our objectives.  

Acceptance standards are high. Behavior standards once accepted are even higher. We operate by principles. We live by truths. We hold each other accountable. We do not preach about things we don’t live. We are the next generation of game-changing, world-changing leaders.

If you share this mission and vision, we’d love to have your voice and influence in our circle.  

What Separates Our Mastermind From Others

Principle #8 – Eternal Expansion & Value Creation

In the words of a Circle of Champions Member:  

“I spent a decade relentlessly trying to knock down doors to find these assets and now, it’s all here and happening in ways I never thought possible. People are offering their knowledge, their resources, and their connections to me and it’s all completely aligning with exactly where I need to go next. It just happened to be in this one little group out in Destin, Florida. I never could have guessed it, but God put me on the path to encounter the right people at the right time in my life.”
– Cassandra Williams

Time Commitment