Keynotes and Events – Watch The Video Below

I love coaching 1 on 1 and in groups. It is in these powerful conversations where people create new possibilities and go on to do great things in their lives

Another way I love helping people to “see” new possibilities is through presenting, training, teaching and leading from the front.

“Leading from the Front” involves a very customized experience for you.

Together, you and I will determine what your attendees want and need to hear and, more importantly, what they must hear to be able to create lasting transformation. Then I create a custom message just for you and for them that allows the audience to EXPERIENCE something they’ve never seen, heard or felt before.

The outcome of the EXPERIENCE always leads to a change in perspective, which leads to a change in behavior which leads to a change in results. If you are ready to engage in an event for your organization, corporation or event, Setema is an impact maker for your audience. For more information contact [email protected]

Speaking Fee: Begins at $25,000