516: How Was Your First Day of School

    What’s the one thing that you have a negative talk about? Ask yourself: *Can you change your perspective? Are you willing to consistently change your perspective? *Are you really creating the life that you want to live? You will only ever live the life that you choose to create. You are in charge. This […]

515: Do You Want to Win Again

    Stop living life as a normal human being and start living life like an athlete where life is your sport. Ask yourself: *What if you started to look at your life like you were an athlete, like there was a purpose, there were seasons, there was camaraderie, there was culture? Live your life like […]

514: Who Do You Think You Are

    How you speak about yourself is how you’re going to behave. How you behave is the life you’re going to live and the results you’re going to produce. The story that we believe the most about ourselves is a story that we tell the most about ourselves. Ask yourself: *Who do you believe you […]

513: The Lag, Delays and Rewards

    Stop stopping. Real permanent results require foundational shifts and consistency in doing the work for long periods of time. Ask yourself: *Are you putting in the right work consistently for long enough periods of time so that down the road it will reveal itself? There is a delay in real big results. This is […]

512: Dad, Do We Have to Go and Do Service

    Giving is living. The more you give, the more you help others, the happier you will be. The more you earn or develop your skill sets, the more you can give. Ask yourself: *Are you giving? Do you give regularly? *Do you give willingly, without a grudging heart, regularly? *Do you find opportunities to […]

511: Dad, Middle School Sucks

    You get to decide the experience you have, by the way, that you see things. Ask yourself: *What would it look like for you if you had a shift in perspective? *What perspective should you have that would allow you to live a life of real possibility? The way that you see things is […]

510: Canceled Flights Part II

    Shift your perspective. There’s always a gift. Ask yourself: *Is this really adversity or am I just complaining about minor inconvenience? *What’s the shift in perspective that has got to take place for you? There’s always a gift in challenges. There’s always a lesson inside of obstacles. This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily […]

509: Cancelled Flights, Ask and Receive

    Focus on what you can control. Ask for help. Ask yourself: *Are you focusing on what you can control? *What could you ask for help inside of your life? Focus on what you can do and do that. Ask and receive. This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help you revolutionize your […]

508: Raise the Bar

    Raise the bar, produce. Develop skills and go make more money. Learn how to save and invest. Learn how to grow your money and have your money work for you. Ask yourself: *How’s your life going as a leader? Stop complaining. Invest in yourself. This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help […]

507: The Sacrifice is Always Worth It

    What are you willing to give up so that you can have what you want? You sacrifice things in order to get something greater. Ask yourself: *Are you sacrificing in your life today or do you still succumb to temptation and to the easy route and to doing the things that are just comfortable […]