606: Karaoke Competition and a Profound Lesson

      How did a karaoke competition teach me a valuable life lesson? It REMINDED me to STOP putting so much time in things that I’m not passionate about and START investing more time in the things that generate an energy and fire within. This episode will force you to reflect and ASK YOURSELF: *What AM I passionate about? *What is the ONE […]

605: UNLEASH your POTENTIAL. Embrace the BORING and SUCCEED!

       Are you willing to do what it takes to become ELITE? What if the pathway to success is boring, mundane, laborious, and unsexy? Ask yourself:  *Am I AVOIDING SUCCESS by AVOIDING the BORING work? Stop chasing the glamour and glitz and start putting in the REPS. Pick something, stick with it, and start seeing your results.   This is the Prosperity […]