422: Navigating Uncharted Territories – Purpose of Life

    The purpose of existence is eternal expansion and value creation. Ask yourself: *Who are you? And what is the purpose of your life? *Have you considered a life of contribution, a life of making that difference? A life where you really get to decide what it all means? What it really comes down to […]

421: Average vs. Greatness

    What are the facts of your life right now? No stories, no meanings, just the facts, what’s the current reality? How do you want to live? How do you want to feel? Why would you settle for a life where there is so much abundance and prosperity available? Ask yourself: *Are you planning for […]

420: Dad I Don’t Want To Sing

    Regardless of the talents and abilities that you have been given. If each one of us chooses to see ourselves as lovers and leaders and lighthouses, these beacons of light, these role models, God can use us. Ask yourself: *When you have something that’s about to take place in your life, do you meet […]

419: Mohawk, Permission and Ownership

    Is there a place in your world today where you can stop asking for permission from others? Just give yourself permission to go do the thing that you want to do. Ask yourself: *Where in your life today are you still asking for permission versus just having 100% ownership of your life? *Do you […]

418: The Good Old Days

    We are in the good old days right now. Learn how to be present and let go of stress, hurry, and worry. Go try a new way of living. No stress, no hurry, no worry, or reduce the stress, reduce the hurry and reduce the worry. Ask yourself: *Do you even enjoy the good […]

417: If You Stand For Nothing, You Fall For Anything (RANT)

    You better take a stand for something. Open your mouth. Take a stand. Stop sitting in the background. Stop waiting around. Learn how to have real conversations and debates. Ask yourself: *What do you stand for? Whatever you permit. You promote. The worst thing a good man can do is to sit back and […]

416: Double Red Flags

    What’s the media that you’re watching? What’s the media that your kids are watching? Do you have red flags in your relationship with your spouse? with your children? Are you doing things that you know you ought not to do? Ask yourself: *What are the red flags in your life? *Do you have red […]

415: Feeding 5000 People

    Faith without work is dead. Come closer to God so He can bless you. Ask yourself: *What can you do today to come closer to God? Develop a connection to God. Listen and move. Do your part. This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help you revolutionize your personal world which will […]

414: We’re Not Going to Make It

    Sometimes there is not enough capacity to handle what you’re trying to do. Develop the capacity to do what is required. Ask yourself: *Do you have the capacity to handle stress and strain? *Have you developed a capacity in your life to get stronger? to get better? If you want your capacity to increase […]

413: Get in the Car and Go

    Regardless of the circumstances and situation, we have the power to choose. Communicating clearly makes all the difference. Adversity forges you. You can choose to complain or you can choose to train your mind and reframe how you see life. You are in charge. Ask yourself: *Are you in charge or are you giving […]