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Champions Huddle

Live weekly training with Setema and other entrepreneurs & leaders just like you who are committed to living powerfully and creating results that matter. Start Winning Again in every area of your life. Join Us Now.

Here's What You're Getting:

Time to rise

When you come, you’re in and that’s it. Once you’re in, you’re in. Decision made. Stick in it and come out the other side, or die trying. We will not let up. We will not calm down. We will not be reasonable. We will not let even the smallest detail slide because brother, you’ve been sliding along in a haze of comfort, seduction, addiction, and entitlement for way too long. 

It’s time to rise.  

The experience is physical. It’s emotional. It will rip open your defenses and expose the deepest secrets and caverns of your soul.  

Don’t apply if you’re curious. Apply if you’re 100% committed to being the man you know you should be for your wife or partner, your kids, and a business and team that are waiting for the most powerful version of you to finally step up and be the leader they’ve been waiting for all these years.