It’s said that fear of public speaking is the most common and most intense phobia in our modern society. Well, good news: that’s more stages and more opportunity for us – the crazy ones who actually crave the spotlight! The ones whose blood doesn’t truly get pumping until we’re standing backstage ready to go pour our heart, soul, and energy into a packed crowd.  


Most people see a really great speaker and get highly motivated to change their life. We see a really great speaker and get highly motivated to become a really great speaker. This is Setema’s story. And if you’re reading this, it’s probably yours too.  


Setema’s truest calling is that of a coach. But his most dynamic and eye-popping gift is that of a speaker. His stage presence is unmatched – an incredible combination of energy, insight, truth, wisdom, and inspiration unlike any corporate, celebrity, or personal development speaker alive today.  


If you’ve ever dreamt of being on the big stage, under the lights, packed house, mic’ed up and ready to change lives… Energy Flow’s Powerful Public Speaking Course will be the most important investment you’ll ever make in your career as a public speaker. 


It takes a truly magical combination of traits to captivate, motivate, and educate a large audience. You have to be broad enough to catch everyone’s attention, but personal enough to feel like you’re speaking directly to each person individually. It’s a daunting task and one that will drag you through years of hard-knocks failures if you try to go it alone. Let Setema be your guide and your partner. There is no greater investment than the investment you make in yourself.  


Come mentor with one of the greatest stage speakers alive today. Your world will never be the same.