291: We Were Built For This

      “Smooth oceans don’t make great sailors”   The time is now to step up and lead.   Prosperity is a choice   What will you do with your time today? Will you sit back? Will you just be a victim of what’s going on? Or will you take this time to utilize and […]

290: Coronavirus Part 2- Make The Adversity Your Advantage

    This is the greatest time to evolve and innovate your business. Fear, panic and stress – don’t go there. instead invest in your mind, invest in your heart and your skills. Feed your brain something different.   Avoid shutting everything down. This is the time to expand. Keep the money moving for your favor. […]

289: Coronavirus Part 1- Don’t Slow Down, Double Down

    We overcome, we come together. You don’t have to be driven by fear. This is not the time to loose your mind, to get into fear and panic. Don’t slow down, double down. Double down on your mindset, skill set, take time to develop. Look to make a differences for someone today. Use this […]