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I love watching the Super Bowl, which always brings me back to my experience with Super Bowl 36.

With the most recent one, Super Bowl 50 didn’t disappoint, that is, until Cam Newton received a bunch of backlash for his behavior in the post-game interview.

Which got me to thinking about business.

No, not business as a company; but business as an opinion.

What do I mean by that?

There are 3 Types of Business:

  1. My Business

  2. Other People’s Business

  3. God/Universe Business

My Business is what I’m in control of that directly affects me.

Other People’s Business, whether it’s Cam Newton’s, your neighbor, or a random person in the supermarket doing their thing.

And then there’s God’s Business,  acts in the universe that are beyond our control.

Cam Newton was criticized for his behavior, compared to other Quarterbacks after they loss, etc…

But you know what?

He aint nobody’s business but his own.

Anytime you get involved in anyone else’s business, you LOSE.

You don’t have a say in how he acts, nor should you compare him to anyone else but himself.

You control you.

Clarity is power.

We’re all going to have situations in which we’re going to deal with losses and failure. We’ve got to learn how to handle them.

Learn to stay in your business. We all judge, but realize that we need to focus on our own life and see the lesson reflected back on ourselves.

Ask yourself:

* Am I handling myself professionally when I’m focusing on me and not anyone else’s reactions? 

* The judgments that I’m putting on others, am I turning around and putting them on myself as well?

* Am I being productive when I put myself into other people’s business? 

We can learn from others, whether they win or they lose, but it’s none of our business how they act.

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Love you,

Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution