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Marketing : mar·​ket·​ing | \ ˈmär-kə-tiŋ

Small business owners constantly overcomplicate marketing. It’s no wonder they’re confused and frustrated. I’m going to show you today how simple it can really be.

Here’s the key thing that will make it simple for you…

No matter what people are buying, how much they’re paying, or what the thing they’re buying actually does…

People Only Buy 3 Things.

Yes, there are millions and millions of products on Amazon right now with endless, variations, sizes and offers. There are billions of things people buy every day. But, every one of those billion purchases can be put into 3 simple boxes.

The Only 3 Things People Buy:

1 – A Solution
2 – An Experience
3 – Status

That’s it.

Flipping it around, we can identify…

The Only 3 Types of Clients Worth Marketing To:

1 – People who are FRUSTRATED – they want a solution.
2 – People who are FANATICAL – they want an experience.
3 – People who are FANCY – they want to achieve or maintain status.

These are the three “Hyper Responsive Audiences” (HRAs) and they are your golden ticket to becoming the best marketer in your industry.

You should be focusing all your energy – and all your marketing dollars – on these people because they’re the ones who will give you money. People who are frustrated, fanatical, or fancy will give you money to get what they want.

And if you don’t help them, they’ll pay your competitor to get what they want. Either way, they’re going to pay someone to get what they want. They’re buying period. Money will be spent with someone.

Let’s make sure it’s spent with you.

Sound good?


Here’s how it works…

You should only ever sell to Hyper-Responsive Audiences.

Yes, there are people who buy salt, cat food, and dishwasher detergent because they’re out and need more. We all do that. But, that’s not the type of business we’re in. We don’t sell commodities. We don’t sell to the masses. We sell to people who are ready to spend real money now.

So, what do we sell?

You might think you sell insurance, houses, or loans… education, opportunities, or training… weight loss, relationship advice, or legal counsel.

But, if you want to be the best marketer in your industry…

You need to be selling 1 of these 3 things…

1 – A Solution
2 – An Experience
3 – Status

That’s what people want. That’s what people buy, no matter what they’re buying.

Real-Life Example:

When you buy a car, you could be buying it for:

1 – Practicality. You buy a 5-year old Honda Civic with low miles because your old car broke down and you need something reliable to get to work and want good gas mileage. That’s a solution to a problem.

2 – Performance. You spend $50K on a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and then add another $30K worth of aftermarket upgrades because you’re nuts about off-roading. That gives you an experience.

3 – Luxury. You buy a brand new $180K Mercedes (knowing full well you’ll lose thousands in value the second you drive it off the lot) because after all, it’s “The Best or Nothing.” That’s buying status.

Of course, there is always crossover. The Honda Civic owner might also take pride in being known as practical and wise with their money. That’s status. Performance and luxury (experience and status) mix all the time as people deck out their toys and then show them off (status,) or custom order a bespoke car from Germany so they can stand all alone on the dock and watch it roll off the cargo ship while a tear slides gently down their cheek (experience.)

Yes, people have multiple reasons for buying things, but one of those things is the driver. One of those things dominates the other two in terms of driving purchase behavior. And if you’re selling the wrong one… No soup for you.

Let’s bring this back to nuts and bolts execution.

Here’s why this matters to you.

You’ve got to pick one of these and then dominate it.

Let me repeat this simple formula.

Step One – PICK ONE.

If you don’t pick one (not 2, or all 3, just 1) and you don’t commit yourself to dominating it, then…

You don’t want any of that.

Here’s the solution…


If you sell a solution, then your customer has a problem. That problem is causing them massive frustration and pain and you are there to solve it. People who are in major pain, don’t care about performance details or what their peers think. They want the pain gone and they want it gone NOW. You are the world’s leading expert at diagnosing, prescribing, and solving that problem. If they come to you, the problem is gone. Period. That’s the level of certainty you need in order to attack your marketplace with ads, messages, and lead-generation.

If you sell an experience, then your customer is fanatical about details and possibilities and you need to know all of them. You need to be more fanatical than they are – anticipating opportunities and setbacks they weren’t even thinking about yet, and providing the answer to both. If they want the ultimate in their area of passion, you’re the go to person. Picking this type of buyer also means a lot more of your business will come from referrals, word of mouth, and showing up at all the places these people hang out. That’s how you become the go-to person in your industry.

If you sell status, then you’d better be on your A-game in terms of professionalism, privacy, exclusivity, and manners. Yes, wealthy people have massive expectations of how people treat them and you’d better meet them at every step. People don’t usually admit to buying status, but you don’t buy $2,000 shoes, $600 t-shirts, $180K cars, or $5M houses for any other reason. If you’re going to raise your flag in the luxury high-end market, you’d better know your stuff and know what your people expect. Then go out and deliver it like nobody else. Embedding yourself successfully as a trusted, go-to friend of the wealthy elite can set you up with almost zero competition.

In review, there are…

3 Types of Hyper Responsive Audiences…

  1. People who are EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED – they have a big problem and they’re ready to pay to solve it.
  2. People who are EXTREMELY FANATICAL – they want the latest and greatest, and they will pay to get it.
  3. People who are EXTREMELY FANCY – they want the world to know who they are, and they love paying for it.

Anybody else is luke-warm, milquetoast, blah, and not worth paying attention to. If someone doesn’t fit one of those categories above, they aren’t serious about buying. They’re serious about haggling, asking millions of questions, and wasting your time. Leave those buyers to your competitors while you focus on serving your chosen HRA.


You now have strict marching orders…

Pick 1 Hyper-Responsive Audience and go all-in on giving them exactly what they want.

Do you provide a solution, an experience, or status?

If you say all three, you’re dead in the water and you’re probably going to be out of business within the next 5 years. Nobody believes that one person, or one company, is the best at two different things. Be the best at 1 thing and you’ll generate more leads, get more customers, and make more money than you’ll ever need.

Stand up and take a bold stand. Be the absolute best in your industry at 1 thing and raise your flag high.

This makes marketing work like crazy.

This is the secret sauce.

This tilts everything in your favor. Your competitors will hate you because they can’t figure out why you get all the business. They’ll try to model what you’re doing and fail. They’ll be asking you out to lunch so they can “pick your brain…” Yeah right.

All the while, you’ll be sitting back growing the business of your dreams.

Sound good?


Let’s keep this momentum going tomorrow when I show you how to take your Hyper-Responsive Audience and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

(That’s the HRO part in the HRA-HRO formula.)

Building your Hyper Relevant Offer – Coming Up Tomorrow.

Can’t wait.

I’ll see you then.

– Setema


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