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Offer : of·​fer | \ ˈȯ-fər

We’re only 3 days into this 7-day series and look at all you’ve accomplished:

  1. You’ve stated exactly who you serve.
  2. You’ve stated exactly the problem you solve (the experience you deliver, or status you provide)
  3. You’ve selected a Hyper Responsive Audience.
  4. You’ve committed to becoming the best person in your industry in serving that audience.

You’ve got your client primed and ready.

Now, you need to…

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

This is the real magic of the HRA-HRO formula. You’ve already identified your Hyper-Responsive Audience – a group of people pre-dispositioned to spend money to get what they want. But, people will never just give you money. You have to ask them for it. The power of your ask directly determines how often they say “Yes” and how much money they give you when they do.

So, we’re going to ask for the money by giving them an offer.

But not just any offer.

We’re going to take our Hyper-Responsive Audience (HRA) and give them a Hyper-Relevant Offer (HRO.)

What is a Hyper-Relevant Offer?

Glad you asked.

It’s 3 things…

Key Elements of a Hyper-Relevant Offer

  1. It gives your client massive value
  2. It meets your clients stated need
  3. It delivers your clients true desire

Let’s first define value.

Element #1 – Massive Value

Value is a mathematical function where the benefit of what you provide greatly exceeds the cost your client has to pay to get it and any risk they incur of not getting it after they pay you.

Value = Benefit > Cost + Risk

Notice, value is not at all about being cheap. A 99 cent hamburger might be a value to someone, but someone else who is fanatical about nutrition might pay you $100 to not have to eat it.

Likewise spending $100 on a steak is idiotic and unethical to a lot of people. Other people do it every Friday night.

Value is relative.

That’s why you have to PICK 1 AND Only 1 audience. You can’t sell 99 cent hamburgers and $100 stakes at the same restaurant. Those two types of buyers don’t want to be around each other at dinner.

Likewise, someone looking for a $5M home doesn’t want to work with a realtor who just helped a first time home buyer get an FHA loan. And… someone who just busted their butt to pay off credit card debt so they can qualify for an FHA loan isn’t going to be sympathetic when some “rich dudes” are complaining that there are only 2 guest bathrooms on the main level.

Bodybuilders don’t want to work out at the same gym as people who just signed up for a weight loss boot camp. And people who just signed up for a weight loss boot camp definitely don’t want to be working out next to bodybuilders.

These things don’t mix. Worlds of different audiences collide, not co-exist.

The first step in providing huge value to your market place is to understand them better than anybody else. You have to know what your client values and then you have to stack that value unlike anyone else.

Can you see why trying to focus on 2 or 3 different audiences at the same time is decimating your sales?

Can you see why there’s so much money to be had in becoming “1 thing to 1 person?”

Can you see why people trust specialists and are worried about the risk of going with a one-stop-shop?

Your #1 job in business is to create value – value that far exceeds the cost + risk to your client. And… value that far exceeds the offer of everyone else in your industry. Value is completely relative to your market. Thus you need to know your market and innovate and stack value on top of your offer like nobody’s business.

Element #2 – Stated Need

The second element of a Hyper-Relevant Offer is that it directly, and completely meets your client’s stated need.

Your client’s “stated need” is what they tell you they want. It’s their logical, publicly acceptable, non-embarrassing reason for justifying their purchase.


These are the logical reasons that people use to justify their purchase. These have to be met explicitly and completely. The “stated reason” is the tool your client is going to use to justify their purchase. It has to be there. It’s your responsibility to meet their stated need and pile on a whole bunch of other really logical, smart, exclusive benefits to stack the value of your offer.

But, a lot of companies do this and still don’t make any money.

What’s gives?

Well, meeting your client’s stated need is your ticket to play the game. It’s the cost of entry to even be considered. It’s not what actually makes people buy.

That’s reserved for element #3 – the true desire.

Element #3 – True Desire

The real reason people buy stuff is much more “primal” than we like to admit.

In short, we buy stuff because it makes us feel good about ourselves.

It doesn’t matter what, why, or how. We all spin our own web of truths, half-truths, stretched-truths, and full on fantasy to come up with reasons that our purchasing decisions make sense, but…

The truth is, we buy stuff because buying it makes us feel good.

More specifically, it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Buying Stuff We Like Makes Us Feel…

And a whole host of other “values” that make up the definition of who your clients believe they are. They buy things that create a world around them that is consistent with who they believe they are. In turn, the things they buy validate and reinforce that self-definition.

That’s the “real” reason they buy the things they do.

That’s the real reason we all buy the things we do.

And, that’s why…

Your Offer Has To Deliver All 3 Elements…

  1. Massive Value – you’ve got to give them more of what they want than anyone else.
  2. Stated Need – you’ve got to make buying from you so logical that they’d be an idiot not to.
  3. True Desire – you’ve got to give them what they “really” want without ever speaking of it.

If you do that, you will win, your marketing will work, your offers will be accepted, deals will be closed, money will flow into your bank account, and business will be fun and exciting.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be fun to be running a business this way?

Can you feel how different it would be to own a business that delivered all three of these things better than anyone else?

Once you do this…

People will come to you naturally. They’ll refer their friends naturally. They won’t know why. They might state any number of different reasons (stated needs) but deep down, you know they’re coming to you because you make them feel good about themselves.

In some way that’s what we all want, isn’t it? That’s why we all started our businesses – to help people. And there’s no more direct and valuable way you can help someone than to help them feel good about themselves.

To help them feel like they’re good enough.

That’s a joy that goes far beyond business, transactions, and money.

Now we’re right down to it.

Tomorrow I’m going to teach you how to get on the phone with someone and get them to give $1K, $5K, $20K or $150K by the time you both hang up.

Want to know how to do that?

I’ve done all of those. I do it all the time. It’s how I make my money and it’s the greatest single skill you’ll ever develop as a business owner.

It’s market proof. It’s recession-proof. It’s competition proof.

It is a truly unbeatable advantage.

And… I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

All you’ve got to do is come back tomorrow.

See you then.

– Setema


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