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Close : close \ ˈˈklōz

My favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant. My wife’s favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant. How do I know? Because she has over 10 pair of Kobe signature Nikes.

Why do we love Kobe? Because he’s a closer. In sales? Probably, but I’m talking about being a closer on the basketball court. You play 3 and half quarters of basketball and all that matters is what happens in the last 6 minutes of the game. Do you step up and win or do you fade and lose.  This is when champions show up. This is when the legends separate themselves from the rest of the pack – in the 4th quarter. When everyone is exhausted. Everyone wants to win so bad they can taste it. Competition is at its peak and energy and stamina are at their lowest.

Developing A Mamba Mentality

This is when Kobe flips the switch and goes into a mode he calls “mamba mentality.” A black mamba is an extremely deadly snake. When it strikes, it kills. When Kobe strikes, he wins. He’s a winner. Not a guy that plays hard and has a lot of skills. Not a guy that likes to compete and have fun. No, he’s a killer. He’s there for one reason – TO WIN.

Listen closely – regardless of your “personality type” you have to be open and committed to creating your own mamba mentality in sales closing. Just like Kobe, you’re going to play out 3 and a half quarters of a deal and the only thing that matters is what happens at the end. Did you win? Did you close? Did they pull out their credit card or send you a wire transfer?

If not, you don’t win. You win when they give you money. PERIOD.

If this sounds harsh, salesy, or arrogant – stick with me until tomorrow’s training on Day 6. We’ll talk about how having this mentality is not only a necessary mindset to make money, but it’s also the most powerful and loving thing you can do for your prospect. They NEED you to close the deal and I’ll tell you why tomorrow. For now, be open and try this on.

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If I were you, I’d block out time so that you can listen to it all the way through twice.

This is my exact sales process, nothing held back.

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