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Sales : sales \ ˈsālz

Over the next few days in this series, we’re going to be talking about closing deals, also known as SALES. If you’re looking for a magic wand, a secret advantage, a shortcut to success… there actually is one.

It’s called SALES.

Get good at selling stuff to people and you’ll never worry about money again.

Today we’ll focus on two simple but critical attributes that all great salespeople have. They are the foundation of a sales mindset – the edge that makes a sales assassin tick.

Sales Mindset Principle #1 – I Don’t Need Your Money

To be great at sales you have to eradicate neediness. Neediness comes from feeling like you need to close this deal. Feeling like you need this person’s money. You don’t. You can’t.

But, what if you do?

Even when you do, you don’t.

Even if you’re getting evicted from your apartment, your car is getting repossessed, and you don’t know what your family is going to eat for dinner – you don’t need their money.


Because needing it is the #1 way to make sure you’ll never get it. As soon as the prospect feels that you want their money, they’ll shut you down, no matter how good the rest of the pitch or product is. It’s game over. It’s your prospect’s ejection seat to get out of the conversation. One pull of the lever and BAM!, they’re gone.

So, even when you need it… even when you really need it… you have to develop extreme discipline in this area of your mindset. In fact, when I was first learning how to do phone sales I had zero money. I needed that check so bad. So, I would literally repeat this phrase over and over in my mind before getting on the call.

“I don’t need your money.”
“I don’t need your money.”
“I don’t need your money.”

I don’t do that anymore, but you’d better believe that’s how I feel. And it’s true. I don’t need your money, because I’m going to get someone’s money. That’s a fact. I’m making the sale. If it’s not to you, it’s going to be to someone else. That’s the mindset of a killer salesperson.

The cool part is that this mindset creates a feeling of CERTAINTY in you that then gets transferred directly to your prospect. Yes, you having a mindset of certainty also gives your prospect a feeling of certainty. That’s critical. Your prospect wants certainty as much as they want anything else in the sales process. TRUST is the name of the game. Do they trust you to deliver what you’re promising them in your pitch?

Remember our formula from yesterday…

Value = Benefit > Cost + Risk

Way more sales are lost to risk every single day than are lost to cost. People want to spend money. They might not love the cost, but they’ll pay it if they love the value. What they don’t love is getting screwed. What they don’t want is to spend money and then be disappointed. They don’t want to regret their decision. They don’t want to have to explain to other people that the thing they were so excited about didn’t quite work out.

They’re not afraid to spend money. They are afraid to trust you. And the number #1 thing that will immediately destroy their trust in you is feeling like you want their money.

So… even when you do, you don’t. Got it?

Sales Mindset Principle #2 – I Control The Call

What parts of the call do you control? All of it.

When setting up the call, give the person 2 times that work for you and ask them to pick one. Don’t ask them to give you times that work for them. That makes it seem like you’re available at any time. If they want what you have, they can adjust things to make it work. You don’t have to be silly about this. But, pay close attention to how the time slot for the call gets set up. Are they coming to you? Or are you going to them? This makes all the difference.

Tell them to call you. Don’t call them. Why? Because if you call them and they don’t answer, they’re in control. If you’ve got a time set and they don’t call you, you’re in complete control. You can end the relationship. You can send them an immediate text and tell them they’ve got 2 minutes to call you or the deal is over. Whatever you do, you’re in control.

If you’re meeting them personally, don’t meet them at their office. They meet you at yours, or you meet somewhere neutral. If you’re sitting in their reception area waiting for them to finish whatever they’re doing, they’re in control. Again, don’t get crazy about this. If you’ve got a huge opportunity and they insist on meeting at their office, do it. But pay close attention to the environment and vibe and know going in that you’ve already given up the power frame and you’ve got to get it back.

When setting the agenda for the call, I think you know where this is going… You control the agenda. You are not on the call to answer whatever random set of questions they want to ask you. Before the call starts, you tell them exactly what the purpose of the call is and how it’s going to go. Then ask them to agree.

In fact, memorize this phrase… (it’s pure magic.)

“Does that work for you?”  

Carl, I want you to call me on my cell phone at exactly 9:30 AM tomorrow morning. Does that work for you? 

Denise, I have a 30 minute opening on Friday at 1:00 PM. Does that work for you? 

Stacey, let me outline how the call is going to go. First, I’m going to ask you questions to find out if it makes sense for us to work together. If it does, I’ll tell you what that looks like. You can ask me any questions you have throughout the call. Does that work for you? 

Asking your prospect if it works for them allows them to make decisions. This is important, but they’re agreeing to what you have put on the table. They feel respected, taken care of, and in control… but YOU are always in control. Why? Because…

You don’t need their money. 



If they’re not willing to approach the call on your terms, then the call doesn’t happen. If they don’t call you when they say they will, then you don’t reschedule unless they give you a good reason.

1 – You Don’t Need Their Money
2 – You Control The Call 

Nail those 2 things and you’re halfway home to being an all-star in sales and literally never having to worry about money again.

Do you want that?

Cool. Me too. That’s why I always approach my calls with these 2 mindset principles.

One quick note – tomorrow is Sunday. I’ll be with my family and church. So, no email tomorrow. Take a day to rest, think, meditate and connect with your Spirit.

We’ll be back together on Monday with Day #5 where I’ll walk you through my exact step-by-step call script to have your prospect sending you a wire transfer before you hang up.

See you then.



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