635: How to be an Alpha. (Part 1)

    🎙️ “How to be an Alpha (Part 1)” 🎙️ 🚀 Part 1: Becoming the Alpha In Part 1 of our series, we’ll delve into the core attributes and mindset of an alpha. Learn how to exude confidence, attract the right people, and step into leadership roles with grace. 🔑 Part 2: Alpha in Action Continuing in Part 2, […]

634: Bring Manly Men Back!

    🎙️ “Bringing Manly Men Back” Podcast 🎙️ 🚀 The Shift in Strength In this podcast, we delve into the intriguing dynamics between traditional and contemporary notions of masculinity. Join us as we examine the factors contributing to changes in how strength is perceived in men. 🔑 The Rise of Critical Thinking Discover the correlation between critical thinking and […]

633: Injury, Discouragement and Triumph

    🎙️ “Injury, Discouragement, and Triumph”🎙️ 🚀 Overcoming Adversity Part 3 of our journey unfolds as the son, who fought his way back into shape, faces a daunting challenge—an injury that threatens to halt his progress. But stay tuned as we witness his unwavering determination and the incredible comeback that follows. 🔑 Resilience in Action Discover the inspiring […]

632: Getting Better, Football

    🎙️“Getting Better, Football” Podcast🎙️ 🚀 From Struggles to Triumph In “Just out of Shape,” we delve into the challenges faced by my son as he grapples with being out of shape. But stay tuned for a heartening twist, as we uncover his dedication, hard work, and the transformative steps he takes to regain his strength […]

631: Confrontation VS. Contention

    🎙️ “Constructive Conversations: Confrontation VS. Contention” Podcast 🎙️ 🚀 The Power of Healthy Dialogue In this podcast, we explore the art of productive discussions. Join us as we delve into stories, strategies, and expert insights to empower you with the skills to engage in constructive confrontations while avoiding harmful contention. 🔑 Mastering Communication Discover techniques to express your […]

630: Homeschool or Not.

    🎙️ “Homeschool or Not” 🎙️ 🚀 Mapping Your Child’s Path In this podcast, we explore the pros and cons of homeschooling. Join us as we examine stories, insights, and expert advice to guide your journey in making the best educational choice for your child. 🔑 Empowering Educational Decisions Discover key considerations in deciding between homeschooling and traditional schooling. […]

629: You’re Just Out of Shape.

    🎙️ “You’re Just Out of Shape” 🎙️ 🚀 Defying Limits In this podcast, we shatter the misconception that being out of shape defines you. Join us as we explore stories, strategies, and insights to empower you on your journey to personal growth and success. 🔑 Elevate Your Potential Discover how to transcend setbacks and create lasting change. Gain […]

628: The Power of Making Big Request.

    🎙️ “Unlocking Impact: The Power of Making Big Requests” Podcast 🎙️ 🚀 Harnessing Bold Asks In this podcast, we explore the transformational potential of asking for what you truly desire. Join us as we unravel stories, strategies, and inspiration that empower you to make daring requests and drive positive change. 🔑 Amplify Your Influence […]

627: False Expectations of your Kids killing you.

    🎙️ “False Expectations of your Kids killing you”🎙️ 🚀 Debunking Parenting Myths In this podcast, we debunk the unrealistic pressures parents face. Join us as we explore stories, insights, and practical wisdom to guide you through the challenges of raising kids in a complex world. 🔑 Empowering Your Parenting Discover strategies to embrace your unique parenting journey. […]

626: Advice for Teen Finding Their Why.

    🎙️ “Advice for Teens Finding Their Why” 🎙️ 🚀 Empowering Your Journey In this podcast, we delve into the invaluable journey of finding your “why.” Join us as we explore stories, insights, and actionable advice to help teens uncover their passions and embark on a purpose-driven path. 🔑 Unlocking Clarity Discover practical steps to navigate through the maze […]