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Over the last few years I’ve been able to coach a bunch of people that have all sorts of struggles in their lives, and divorce is something that comes up.

This is a sensitive and challenging topic, as marriage should never be taken lightly.

But what about infidelities?

That makes even more of a sensitive issue to discuss, in which there’s what people say that’s going on and what’s really happening.

Such was the case with one of my clients that found out that his wife had been cheating on him for awhile, and now he’s struggling on whether he’s doing the right thing to stay in the marriage or get a divorce.

It comes down what you really want.

Do you want to continue to fight for something that doesn’t work?

Do you want to be in a different relationship with someone else?

Get clear about what you want.

Clarity is power.

When you get clear, it solves most of the problems because you’re clear about what you want and allows you to answer the question, “Is the current reality working for me?”

Is your marriage what you truly want right now? Are you willing to fight for what you want?

Where is your part in having a cheating spouse? What would cause them to look elsewhere?

You may have drifted apart and gotten naive about the stability of your marriage, not realizing that marriage requires a continual and intimate connection.

Sex is just one component of it. There’s intimacy in having direct communication, intellectual conversations, counseling together  and working on the household responsibilities together.

Inside of your marriage, ask yourself:

  1. Am I clear about what I want?
  2. Is my marriage authentically working?
  3. What’s my part in where it’s currently at?
  4. Am I willing to fight for my marriage?
  5. Am I causing unnecessary suffering?

The suffering, guilt and shame that you feel comes down to your thoughts about what’s happening to YOU.

The reality is that something happened in the marriage and not until we’re honest about our part in it all, we’re able to really look at what it is that we truly want.

Are you willing to let go and move on to what it is that you truly want?

Be willing to pay the price and realize that you’re a powerful person, and sometimes divorce is the best option. And that takes a lot of courage to declare that it’s not working and the best thing is to move on.

There’s a bigger picture to this all; getting clear about what you want will give you the clarity of what you truly want.

Read the book, Loving What Isby Byron Katie which will help you get clear about what you want as you eliminate the stories in your life?

Clean up your life and confront the mess.

Don’t ever think that you’re going to be fully happy if you’re not operating from full integrity in your life.


Ask yourself:

* Is my current reality working for me? 

* Am I willing to fight for what I want?

* What is my part in the reality that is in my life right now? 

Be willing to stop the suffering and learn the lesson, whether it’s through fighting for your marriage with a completely different approach or moving on from a marriage that’s not working through divorce.

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