487: To Get Respect, You Gotta Have Respect

    The greatest way to get people to respect you is to have respect for yourself. Take care of your body. Invest in yourself. Powerful positive self-talk. Do what you said you would do. Have respect for yourself. Ask yourself: *Do I have respect for myself? *Do you study? Do you take care of yourself, […]

486: 46 Years and the Best Lessons I’ve Learned

    You will only ever live the life that you choose to create. Clarity’s power. Being physically fit is a must. Stop making excuses. Live on less than you earn. Build an alter ego. You better be ready for adversity. Don’t ever quit. Ask yourself: *What are you creating for your life today? *Are you […]

485: Runway, Models, New York

    Do you have enthusiasm? Do you have the ambition for what you’re going after or have you settled into life? Ask yourself: *Are you all in, hyper-focused? *What’s the one thing that you can do today that would allow you to go all-in hyper focus? *Are you all in on your body? Are you […]

484: 3 Things to Help You Be a Better Parent

    3 things you can do today to help you to be a more powerful, more loving, greater parent. Help your child know that they’re special. They belong. Tell your kids it’s OK if you make a mistake. Whatever our kids hear the most, whatever our children get told the most is what they’re going […]

483: The Greatest Investment in Your Children

    Invest in your kids, spend time with them pour energy into them, and pour presence. Go invest in your children. Go be with them. Ask yourself: *Are you investing in your children? Give them your time and energy. Go be present with them. This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help you […]

482: How I Finally Lost Weight for the 1000th Time

    Quit making up excuses about why you cannot do what’s required. There’s always going to be a reason to not do the work. You have to plant seeds, you have to nourish and nurture them every day. You have to do the work every day. If you plant the seeds and do the work, […]

481: A Message to the Athletes: How Bad Do You Want It?

    So how bad do you want it? What do you want and why does it matter? When windows open, you have to go through them. You have to step through because windows don’t open all the time. Ask yourself: *How badly do you want it? How hungry are you? *How much work are you […]

480: How to Deal with Laziness and Lack of Motivation

    You are in charge of your life. You only live the life that you choose to create on a daily basis. Ask yourself: *What do you not want? *How do you want to feel? Get up. Go to work. Take action. Find purpose. Do the work. Serve people, and make a difference. Develop your […]

479: Sweat More, Bleed Less

    Those who sweat more in times of peace bleed less in times of war. Are you building financial wealth? Are you earning, saving, and investing? Are you learning how to live on less than you earn? Ask yourself: *Where in your life today can you sweat more?  *Are you doing the work to be […]

478: Where Are All the Real Men

    We have a responsibility to provide, protect and preside. Go do and produce results. If you maximize voluntary pain, it minimizes involuntary pain. Real men invest in themselves. And they invest in their families. Then they invest in assets. A real man knows that he is the asset. Life is going to be hard […]