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YOU are in charge of your life.

You can have the life you want.

You can be in a place where you don’t have to worry about money.

All of this is prosperity.

In business you will need to pay for something somewhere.

If there is no return then the money has become an expense, not an investment.

Assets and investments are when you pay money here and make more money there as a result.

Invest into YOU, your team, and your business.

If you have paid a coach, consultant, or someone like that and it is NOT returning you money you need to look at one of two things:

  1. Look at who you’re paying money to.
  2. Look at yourself and ask yourself: have you done the work the person you’re paying has asked you to do?

Most people want to blame the person they have hired.

How can you make sure that the money you are paying out is an investment?

Do what you said you would do.

If you do that, you WILL get results.

If you do the work and you go above and beyond it will work.

Be present with your family: you don’t get these days back.

Do actions that matter every single day.

Systems and tools will not work if you don’t do the work.

Ask yourself:

*Are you doing the work?

*What would happen if you went all in?

If you want a return on your investment you need to do the work and INVEST.

This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help you revolutionize your personal world which will allow you to then change your outer world.

Share this with others.

Stop being a victim.

Take your life back.

The Revolution Has Begun.

Love you,

Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution

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