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The frustration comes from a thought that causes an expectation.

A thought is all it takes.

That thought usually comes from a story, or a “truth.”

Don’t have the thought that someone “should” or “shouldn’t.”

When you believe something to be true you align your behaviors with it and you expect it to be true.

Expectations cause misery and frustration.

Most humans are addicted to stress and struggle.

Many times people will find a way to justify the anger.

The thoughts that turn to stories are the cause.

Take a look at your life right now and the thoughts you have about money, fitness, business, marriage, and all the rest.

Most people, in addition to stress and struggle, are addicted to the expectations.

Is what you believe to be true really true?

The world of scarcity is not true.

Agreements not expectations.

Turn the story around and change it.

Challenge your thoughts and transform them.

Ask yourself:

*What’s the story or expectation that’s causing your frustration?

*Do you know how to be happy in your life?

If you have expectations, you will be miserable and frustrated. Is what you believe to be true really true?

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Love you,

Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution

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