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Russel has a saying: “you’re only one funnel away.”

That isn’t a lie. It’s a truth.

Here’s the thing though: it could be the 10,000th funnel until you actually strike that goal.

You may be one funnel away, but you’ll need to do a lot of them.

If you’re going to build something significant you need to know that it is going to require work.

The results will come if you do the work, but sometimes you’ve gotta do the work for a long time.

You’re only one away, but you need to keep doing it.

Ask yourself:

*Where in your life today can you do something that moves you forward to the one that tips the scales?

You are only one step away, but that step might be many steps away. Don’t give up!

This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help you revolutionize your personal world which will allow you to then change your outer world.

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Take your life back.

The Revolution Has Begun.

Love you,

Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution

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