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Don’t get excited, just get committed.

Immersion is a high point.

For Setema, there is a drift or darkness after immersion.

Before and after spiritual peaks there is extreme opposition.

Look at any part of your life where you have had a high point, before and after that it is difficult.

To keep yourself grounded after a big event, create space.

Don’t plan anything for the day after the event.

Remember that anything you think and feel is almost not real.

The thoughts you have are just thoughts; they’re not real.

Anything you feel most likely comes from a thought you believe to be true.

What do you actually want in the moment, when you have those negative thoughts?

Ask yourself:

*What do you really want in this moment?

When there are peak events in your life, there is always extreme opposition before and after. How do you keep yourself grounded after events like that?

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Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution

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