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It isn’t easy to follow your purpose throughout the long years.

If you have gone through, or are going through, any level of depression, this episode is for you.

Sometime, no book, movie, song, prayer, or anything else works.

You might feel alone.

You might wonder: is this worth it?

Even if your life is going incredible, you might be feeling this way.

Things might seem good visibly, but under it all can be that darkness.

There is something you can do to move past depression: you just don’t quit.

If you’re alone and you’re exhausted, just don’t give up.

Just take another step.

Eventually you’ll come out of it.

The only way through it is to keep moving.

You’re not going through something, you’re going to something.

Find a reason to keep moving.

If you need to sleep, sleep!

Stay in the game.

Ask yourself:

*What can you do to take just one step forward?

If you are going through depression, or you have gone through it, this episode is for you. There is something you can do to make it through.

This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help you revolutionize your personal world which will allow you to then change your outer world.

Share this with others.

Stop being a victim.

Take your life back.

The Revolution Has Begun.

Love you,

Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution

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