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We have a responsibility to provide, protect and preside.

Go do and produce results.

If you maximize voluntary pain, it minimizes involuntary pain.

Real men invest in themselves. And they invest in their families. Then they invest in assets.

A real man knows that he is the asset.

Life is going to be hard if you are soft.

Ask yourself:

*Are you soft? Do you have grit?

*Do you lead your family? Do you lead yourself? Do you lead your marriage?

Real men know how to provide.

Real men do not tolerate mediocrity.

This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help you revolutionize your personal world which will allow you to then change your outer world.

Share this with others.

Stop being a victim.

Take your life back.

The Revolution Has Begun.

Love you,

Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution

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