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🎙️ “Dealing with Imposter Syndrome” Podcast: 🎙️


🚀 The Imposter Syndrome Challenge

In this podcast, we explore the hurdles of Imposter Syndrome that entrepreneurs often face. Join us as we share stories and insights on how to confront self-doubt before embarking on your business journey.


🔑 Embracing Your Worth

Learn how to combat the feeling of not being enough or not belonging to a particular group. We’ll discuss strategies for recognizing your intrinsic worth and building self-confidence.


😓 Fighting Feelings of Impostorship

Discover how to confront the persistent feeling of being an impostor. We’ll provide insights on how to overcome these emotions and regain self-assurance.


💪 Developing Competency and Skills

Explore the journey of developing competency and essential skills to boost your self-esteem. We’ll discuss the importance of continually enhancing your abilities in your chosen field.


📚 Building a Case for Competency

Learn how to stack evidence that supports your competency and capabilities. Building a portfolio of achievements can help diminish self-doubt and boost your confidence.



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