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In this game of life as we grow and expand, I have found that I LOVE to help people.

Recently I had a gal that wanted to come to one of my events, and after watching the videos, filling out the application, and learning the particulars of the event, she asked, “This is all great, but why is it so much money?”

The event is $10k, which entails a bunch of deep dive intensive training and 4 days of working hands on with me in Southern California.

Oftentimes, people say they WANT something but then are unwilling to invest in what it takes to achieve it, whether it’s a healthier body, larger bank account, or happy family.


And yet, they allow the question, “Why does it cost so much?” as the reason holding them back.

It’s too expensive to them, but the only way we can truly achieve what we desire is if we DO THE WORK.

It is significantly more costly in the long run when we don’t take the time now to take care of ourselves and invest when we are forced to go down a path when we refused to pay the piper earlier.

Going to your grave having a life filled with regret is COSTLY.

What’s costly and expensive is living a life of “What if’s” and what might have been. The best time is TODAY to invest in what it is that you want.

Look at the people that have WEALTH with their families, their health, and of course inside of their bank accounts.

Pay the price today and quit being so cheap. If you don’t have the money to do what it is you want, start where you are today. Yes, the price will stretch you and it’s going to hurt, but every leap and bound that I took investing in myself, there are dividends that occur.

Look at the possible results and be willing to act on FAITH that the skills sets and tools you have will help you make something from those investments.

Wake up to possibilities that remove us from the bonds that hold us back, as we stop looking at the price and instead the dividends.

What’s the real cost if you don’t invest in your family and your health?

Stop looking at the price and start looking at the cost you need to invest in to get what you want and love.


Ask yourself:

* What is it that I’m not willing to pay the price of for me? 

* Why is this price currently holding me back from getting what I want?

* What’s the real cost if I don’t invest in my family and health NOW? 

Be willing to pay the price today to enjoy the fruits tomorrow. It starts today.

This is the Prosperity Revolution, a daily podcast that will help you revolutionize your personal world which will allow you to then change your outer world.

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Stop being a victim.

Take your life back.

The Revolution Has Begun.

Love you,

Setema Gali – The Reverend of the Revolution